Approaching retirement need not be cause for panic!  Our most frequently asked question is “will I have enough money to really retire?”  Our answer is:

1)      Retire when?

2)      To do what?

3)      How much do you need monthly to do that?

4)      What is your expected income, and

5)      What assets do you have to produce more income?

With the answers to these questions, together, we can figure it out!  It’s not hard.  See our blog posts on the subject.

Retire When?

When you plan to retire tells us how many years we have to grow your assets if necessary; it also tells us about how much inflation in the cost of living we can expect and need to consider.

To Do What?

Will you be less or MORE active in retirement?  Many find themselves actually very busy!  How much do we need to allow for travel and vacations – now that you will have the time.

How Much Do You Need Monthly to Do As You Wish?

We need to take a look at your current expenses and adjust them down for those that you will no longer have, and increase for the things you want to do, and adjust them all for inflation.

What is Your Expected Income?

You will want to find out how much you will receive from pension plans, social security rental real estate etc. to see how much of your needs are net from sources already in place.

What Assets Do you Have to Produce More Income?

Lastly, what assets do you have to produce more income to fill any gap between your anticipated expenditures and your expected income.  As an experienced investment advisor we can help you make the judgment about how much income your assets can be expected to produce and how long it will take to grow your assets to sufficient size to produce the necessary income.

Of course there are many other questions: should I retire somewhere else? Do I need to change my wills?  Should I keep my life insurance?  We can help you with these and many other questions as you approach your retirement.  We recommend planning at least ten years in advance, and would be glad to help.