Virginia Global provides financial counseling to its prospects and clients to help them identify appropriate solutions to meet their objectives. Together, we may focus on solving one problem or providing integrated solutions for multiple problems.


We evaluate assets available to produce retirement income, other retirement income sources and project total income adjusted for spending power in today’s dollars.  We examine what return on your investments will be required to provide a capital sum sufficient to meet your income requirements, and whether that required rate of return is consistent with your…



We help you decide how to distribute assets upon your death and a spouse’s subsequent death, and to what extent family trusts, partnerships, and other vehicles are appropriate to achieve your objectives.  We will provide detailed recommendations on dispositive provisions in any wills or trusts we may recommend. Having shared our recommendations with you, we…

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We will review your tax returns to identify any opportunities for increasing your deductions or reducing your taxable income. The latter may involve the use of trusts for the benefit of other family members, or choosing, for example to invest in tax exempt bonds.  These suggestions will be integrated with our other estate planning or…

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We will review your life insurance policies and annuities, their beneficiary designations in light of our estate planning recommendations, to determine if you are maximizing the benefits to be obtained from these policies.  We will also review your liability policies to make sure you have the appropriate coverages.

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