Our mission:

To help individuals and organizations achieve outstanding financial returns.

Virginia Global Asset Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor.
We manage discretionary accounts for individuals, foundations and businesses.  Our rare combination
of characteristics makes us well suited to deliver long term performance.  Here’s why:

  • Global Perspective:
    We translate global events into profit for our clients. A global perspective warns us of financial tsunamis coming from offshore.  Having studied global markets for more than 30 years, we have identified patterns that provide major investment opportunities. A global perspective also provides a relative valuation perspective on US investments.
  • Contrarian Philosophy:
    Investors are emotional and often significantly, but temporarily, over or under value markets and/or individual securities beyond anything relating to their long term value.  We take advantage of these “emotional” misjudgments.
  • Cash for Safety:
    We believe in stocks for the long run, but not all of the time. We may be 100% in stocks, bonds, or cash (money market funds or US Treasury bills).  Avoiding losses is the first step to realizing significant gains.  In a bear market, it is better to own cash yielding little than stocks falling 20%-50%.  In contrast to most Wall Street firms, we are prepared to decide when it is not a good time to own stocks.
  • Custom Tailored Portfolios:
    One suit does not fit all.  We have no model portfolio.  Each portfolio is tailored to the individual client with differing asset allocations, and safety/risk levels represented in the particular securities owned.
  • Focused Investments:
    We don’t own a little bit of everything. We own those securities which we believe offer the greatest long term returns consistent with our client’s risk tolerance. There are many countries, asset classes, and industries in which we have no investments at all.

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